Sell To Us: Gold / Silver

We are buying gold, silver, coins, jewelry & more!

We invite greater Dayton (Ohio) or surrounding area residents to visit our store for a free evaluation. If you are in the area and are unable to physically come to our store, please call us at (937) 436-3003 for arrangements to view your collection. Out of town residents please contact us with a list of items you are interested in selling. We will then contact you will further information.

Come in and visit us at your convenience with the items you wish to sell to us. We will give you a quote of what we will purchase the items for and you may either accept or not. You are not obligated to accept our quote. All gold and sterling silver jewelry, flatware, etc. is purchased for scrap and is not resold as is. Only Antique jewelry is purchased to be resold. All quotes to purchase your items are a limited time offer due to the volatile nature of the gold and silver market.

Gold Selling Tips for the First Time Seller

  1. If you don't feel comfortable when you walk in the door, trust your instincts and leave.
  2. When calling for quotes, questions you have should be answered clearly, and will be a good indicator of how your experience will go.
  3. Never just drop off your gold. Always have your items weighed and separated by karat in your presence.
  4. Always get a second opinion, do not take the first offer.
  5. Never mail your jewelry. Ever!
  6. Watch out for gimmicks! If someone offers 20% more - just remember - they are likely paying 50% less to begin with.
  7. Be cautious of ads with "up to" values listed.

If you follow these pointers, you will be in good shape and ready to sell safely and securely! We hope that you will consider us but even if you do not, these tips won't let you down.



Regardless of condition we will by it! Any items marked 10 Karat, 14 Karat, 18 Karat - 24 Karat including gold watches and watch cases, ring mountings, class rings, wedding rings, chains, cuff links, bracelets, etc.

Antique or Estate Jewelry

We specialize in period jewelry.

Dental Gold

Gold Bars

Any items marked .999 or .9999 fine gold.

Sterling Silver

Sterling Flatware & Sterling Serving Sets

Any pattern. Any condition. Items must be marked sterling silver or .925 silver.

Franklin & Danbury Mint Items

Or collectable items marked .925 silver.

Silver Bars and Medallions

Any items marked .999 fine silver.

Coins & Currency

We maintain a two way market, buying and selling, all rare, collectible and bullion coins. We buy coins in any condition. No collection is too small or too large. Our coin personnel have an extensive background in numismatics.

All Coins Accepted

We buy scarce and rare coins, world coins, proof sets, commemorative issues, type coins, proof and pattern coins. We specialize in U.S. Gold Coins and U.S. Peace & Morgan Dollars.

U.S. Gold Coins

We are interested in older United States Gold Coins including $1, $2 1/2, $3, $4, $5, $10, $20 and $50 pieces.

U.S. Silver Coins

We buy all U.S. silver coinage dated 1964 and before and any half dollars dated 1970 and before.

Any Other Silver Coins

Including Canadian and other foreign coins, dated 1964 and before.


We buy older U.S. currency and world currency.

Modern Gold Bullion Coins

Up to the minute price quotes on all gold, silver and platinum bullion coins and bars is available. Please refer to How To Sell Bullion if you are interested in selling bullion items.

Antique Items

We are interested in viewing music boxes, jewelry boxes, older banks, cut glass, ivory items, clocks, knick-knacks, any pre-50's crystal and china. Any items marked TIFFANY are wanted.


Rolex Watches

Any original boxes and paperwork wanted.

Pocket Watches & Wrist Watches

Watches need not be running or need not be gold or silver.