How to Order Bullion

How Do I Purchase Bullion From CCJC?

We invite greater Dayton area residents to visit our store in Centerville, Ohio for your bullion purchases. We maintain a full selection of American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and South African Kruggerand gold bullion coins. If you are planning to purchase a quantity of bullion coins or desire a different bullion coin such as the Austrian Philharmonic or English Sovereign, we suggest you call first to confirm availability.

NON-Dayton area residents must confirm purchases by telephone (1–877–571–4400). At the time of your call we will give you the current selling price and shipping charges along with a confirmation number if you choose to make a purchase.

You will then need to send us funds, this can be in the form of a money order, cashiers check or personal check. Sorry, credit cards are not accepted on any bullion investment purchases! Your funds must be postmarked by the next working day. If your envelope is not postmarked correctly we reserve the right to not honor your order at the original price quoted. We will give you a courtesy call and if you would like you may purchase bullion at current market price or we will return your funds. There are no exceptions!

PLEASE include your name, phone number, e-mail address, confirmation number and mailing address with your funds. Any orders that do not have this information may be delayed indefinitely until we have been able to contact you and get the correct information.

If you would like to purchase American Eagle bullion coins for your IRA account, please call Ed, (937) 436-3003, he can assist you in making arrangements through a financial advisor to set up and store your bullion coins in an IRA account.

Why Should I Own Bullion?


The security offered by bullion is provided by its very independence. Bullion is independent of states, currencies, productivity, credit worthiness and such. Economic and political factors might influence the price of bullion, but its value and its acceptability remain independent of them.


Nations and central banks trust in bullion as a reserve asset. Many experts also advise private investors to hold between 5 and 15% of their wealth, in the long term in precious metals. Experience has shown that the regular purchase of bullion coins helps to protect the smaller investor against price fluctuations.


Gold and Platinum has always been prized as precious and valuable. Over the years precious metals have proven to be one of the most reliable stores of value.


Despite possible price fluctuations on the open market, the value of bullion has remained remarkably stable and has shown repeatedly the tendency to rise.


Precious metals are traded around the globe 24 hours a day. With gold, platinum and silver coinage you possess an international currency which can always be sold around the world at any time. Bullion coins have the added advantage of the recognition and acceptability of legal tender coins.