Engraving Services

We are proud to offer a full range of Engraving Services to our local customers and some choice engravable products to our internet customers. Engravings can include dates, names, quotes & sayings, a short message, a small image, logo, family crest, or whatever you might want engraved on your chosen item. Personalize your gifts or something for yourself! Our professional engravers will be happy to help you make your selections and help you decide what will look best on your selected item.

Engraving can be a great way to personalize a gift for any occassion. Some of the most popular requests are for wedding gifts, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement, sports teams, thank-you gifts, wedding showers, baby showers, graduation, trophies and awards.

All engraving options depend on the object/s being engraved, what is being engraved on the object/s and whether you are a local or internet customer. Some of the more complex engraving options are only available to local customers. Read below to see what you can get engraved.

Click Here for more information on Initials and Monograms.
Click Here see font samples and learn more about choosing a font.

Online Internet Engraving Service Options

We currently only offer engraving services for certain choice products listed below. Online internet orders may choice from specified fonts based on the item to be engraved. Click Here see font samples and learn more about choosing a font. Follow instructions given on each product page for ordering engraving services for each of the products listed below. We do NOT do any mail-in engravings of ANY items. Have a question about getting one of our online CCJC store items engraved that are not listed below? Call and ask us. 1-877-571-4400

Local Engraving Service Options

We offer a wide selection of items to be engraved at our store in Centerville, Ohio. Some popular items we engrave are perpetual plaques, desk wedges/name plates, pens, trophies, wine bottles, champagne flutes/ wine goblets, glass vases, glass mirror picture frames, wedding frames, brass plated plaques, V neck medals, pin ribbon drapes, wedding rings, key chains, pendants, medallions, watches, glass plates, money clips, pocket knifes and belt buckles. We also will engrave items that are not bought from CCJC, however there will be an insurance fee of 10% of the declared value of the item added.

Logos and Custom Artwork

If you have your own artwork; a logo, drawing, insignia, family crest, etc. we can usually incorporate it into the engraving. All custom artwork and logos need to be quoted by our engraver. The price will depend on the complexity and size of the image. Also, if you provide the artwork files needed in high resolution or vector image that will reduce the price to you. Prefered file formats are; .ai, .psd, .eps, .bmp, .jpg, .gif format (If you are unsure about formats, please give us a call and we will help). We can also create images from scratch based on your description or take a low resolution or hand drawn image you want and digitalize it for engraving. Please note that logos will be engraved in an outline format.

Fonts and Typefaces

We have thousands of different fonts you can choose from. Let our professional engravers pick the best look for your piece. If you have a special font you would like us to use, just ask. We can even take a hand written message or signature and engrave it!

What materials can be engraved?

Only certain materials can be successfully engraved by our machine. Please keep in mind some materials are harder to engrave than others, like glass, and will cost more. We can engrave:

  • Plastic
  • Brass
  • Coated and Non-coated Metals
  • Artificial Stone
  • Pewter
  • Glass
  • Sterling Silver
  • Gold

Engraving Turnaround Time - How long will my engraving take?

Not as long as you think! Our normal turnaround time for most engravings is 7 to 10 days. Most Saturdays we even will do some "on the spot" engravings for simple orders on flat surfaces like medallions, pendants and beads. We offer Rush and Express services as well, for those emergency needs.

Normal Engraving: 7-10 Days
Rush Engraving: 3-4 Days
Express Engraving: 1-2 Days

Pricing Information

Pricing is based on how many letters you would like engraved. A letter counts as any mark made that is not a symbol (picture), for example: A S D f & ! < > : , . are all counted as letters. Spaces are free and not counted. We can also mount your engraved plates to plaques and trophies. Your engraved text can be "blackened" with various colors for special effects.

Because each engraving job is so different, we ask that you visit us in store for pricing.