Sirena: 2012 Spring Pattern by Spartina 449

Wild raspberry, pink, tangerine and defining black leather!

Mermaids have captured the imaginations of people around the world, and every country has its own mythology surrounding this intriguing aquatic creature. In the southern European country of Maltese, for example, sirens and mermaids have the same description and are known as Sirena. Common characteristics of all mermaids are their beguiling beauty, mesmerizing melodies, and feminine charm. So, keep your eyes open…you never know when an enchanting mermaid might captivate you!

Spartina 449 takes pride in creating high quality handbags and accessories that are unique and reflective of the Daufuskie landscape and lowcountry color palette. Made from natural materials, our bags are created using 100% linen fabric and genuine leather trim. The exterior fabric of our products is designed to be water and stain resistant.


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